Howard Supply Company, Bakersfield, CA.

Our Bakersfield, California location is one of the most diverse operations within the Company; by offering a wide variety of supplies and services we truly are a one-stop-shop. We have listened to, and worked with our customers to establish what we are today. Our “don’t say no” attitude has allowed us to venture into specialized areas of inspection, repair, and installation.

Our supply store currently stocks a wide variety of supplies ranging anywhere from “rope, soap, and dope” to specialized well servicing products. Our staff is always eager to provide the service that you deserve, and the products that you need.

The wire rope and rigging shop offers custom fabricated slings, bridles, guy lines, and just about anything that could be made out of cable or chain. We also have to ability to work on-site and assist with block changes, line changes, and line splicing with our field service vehicles. Through the use of hydraulics, we were able to create measureable back tension which is critical during sand line installation. The guesswork of a manual brake to create back tension has been removed. The same drive unit is used to load, unload, and spool without the need to change a drive chain from one sprocket to another.

Our Hydraulic Tong Repair opened in May 2004. Our staff has many years of experience which allows trouble shooting to be our specialty. We work on everything from Pipe Spinners to Casing Tongs, Depthometers to Weight Indicators, with the bulk of our work being Tubing and Rod Tongs; we can tear down, assess, quote, and repair any make or model in a timely fashion. We keep track of all maintenance records and help you make crucial decisions regarding the repair or replacement of your equipment.

Pipe Handling Tool inspection facility is a place where we follow API specifications, to meet our customers’ needs. We have been offering this service to our customers for over 5 years (2007) now following stringent guidelines. Backup files for each item are kept filed at our location to ensure that all documentation you need is up to date.

List of Services

  • Above and beyond Customer Service
  • 100+ combined years of well servicing experience
  • $2,000,000 + in stock inventory
  • Custom Wire Rope and Chain Sling Fabrication
  • Custom Hose Fabrication and Assembly
  • 4 Wire Rope Spooling Trucks
  • Complete Pipe Handling Tool Repair (Rod Elevators, Links, Tubing Elevators, etc.) and Recertification Facility
  • Full Service Tubing and Casing Tong Repair Shop
  • Depthometer and Ball Valve Repair
  • Weight Indicator Repair and Re-Calibration
  • Shear Relief Valve Repair and Testing
  • Brakeband Repair

If we don’t have it in our expansive inventory, we can get it.

Contact Information

3824 Buck Owens Blvd.
Bakersfield, CA 93308
Store Manager – Luis Lopez
Phone: (661) 324-9721
Fax: (661) 324-9602

Bakersfield Wire Rope Shop
3824 Buck Owens Blvd
Bakersfield, CA 93308
Shop Manager – Steve Lewis
Phone: (661) 632-1577
Fax: (661) 324-3644