Howard Supply Company, Casper, WY

Our facility in Casper is located in Central Wyoming but we service neighboring states as well, including Colorado and Nebraska. In addition to our supply store, our Casper location houses our Rocky Mountain District and Corporate A/R. Our Casper location offers several services to our customers:

  • Supply Store – Our supply store carries a complete inventory of well servicing tools and equipment, hand tools, safety supplies, and general supplies. We offer 24 hour on call service to help with emergencies.
  • Bridon Warehouse – Part of this facility is a Bridon wire rope warehouse. We stock several reels of wire rope for the oilfield, trucking, and mining industries.
  • Rigging Shop – Our full service rigging shop allows us to custom fabricate wire rope and chain slings specifically based on the needs of our customers. All slings are tagged and certified with serial numbers and working load limits and can be proof tested if customer requires.
  • Portable Pull Test – To help keep our customers safe and compliant with industry rigging regulations we have a portable load test machine that we can take on location where we can inspect, repair, and re-certify slings and overhead lifting equipment according to ANSI specifications.
  • Tong Shop – We have a pipe handling equipment repair shop where we inspect and repair tubing tongs, rod tongs, tubing slips/spiders, tubing & rod elevators, rod transfers, and links. The equipment is sand blasted, magna fluxed for cracks, repaired using quality OEM parts, tested, and painted before returning to the customer.
  • Hose Shop – We have the capability to build several types of industrial hoses including hydraulic, air, suction, and transfer hose. We carry adapters and couplers to complete the service.

Unlike your typical Supply Store, HSC boasts one of the most extensive & diverse operations in the industry.

  • Need General Supplies?
  • Need Safety Supplies?
  • Need Hand Tools?
  • Need Fishing Tools?
  • Need Swab Cups, Pipe Wipers, etc?
  • Need Ring Gaskets or Studs to service your BOP or Well Head?
  • Need parts to service your Rig?
  • Need a New Hydraulic Power Tong?
    • Need your existing tong repaired?
  • Need New Hoisting Equipment (Tubing Elevator, Tubing Slip / Spider, Rod Elevator, etc)?
    • Need your existing Hoisting Tools repaired?
    • Need your existing Hoisting Tools inspected, load tested & re-certified?
  • Need a new Drilling or Well-Servicing Traveling Block?
    • Need your existing Traveling Block repaired?
    • Need your existing Traveling Block inspected, pull tested & re-certified?
  • Need new High Pressure Flow Line Equipment (Hammer Union, Swivel Joint, Pup Joint, Steel Hose Loop, Plug Valve, etc)?

We’re not your common “Rope, Soap & Dope” Supply Store! HSC will take care of all your needs. Saving you valuable time and money running around to multiple vendors.

If we don’t have it in our expansive inventory, we can get it.

Contact Information

1745 South Loop
Casper, WY 82601
Store Manager – Mike Boyle
Phone: (307) 235-1569
Fax: (307) 577-0621