Howard Supply Company, Odessa, TX

Howard Supply Company’s Odessa, TX location is a full service Industrial Supply Store & Service Center offering a complete line of tools, equipment and general supplies required by our extensive customer base. HSC’s Odessa location offers a wide and diverse line of products & services to all major industries, including Well Service, Drilling, Construction, Manufacturing, Mining, etc.

Unlike your typical Supply Store, HSC Odessa boasts one of the most extensive & diverse operations in the industry.

  • Need General Supplies?
  • Need Safety Supplies?
  • Need Hand Tools?
  • Need Fishing Tools?
  • Need Swab Cups, Pipe Wipers, etc?
  • Need Ring Gaskets or Studs to service your BOP or Well Head?
  • Need parts to service your Rig?
  • Need a new component for your Rig (Gearbox, Disc Brake, Hydromatic, Drawworks, etc)
    • Need an existing component repaired?
  • Need a New Hydraulic Power Tong?
    • Need your existing tong repaired?
  • Need New Hoisting Equipment (Tubing Elevator, Tubing Slip / Spider, Rod Elevator, etc)?
    • Need your existing Hoisting Tools repaired?
    • Need your existing Hoisting Tools inspected, load tested & re-certified?
  • Need a new Drilling or Well-Servicing Traveling Block?
    • Need your existing Traveling Block repaired?
    • Need your existing Traveling Block inspected, pull tested & re-certified?
  • Need new High Pressure Flow Line Equipment (Hammer Union, Swivel Joint, Pup Joint, Steel Hose Loop, Plug Valve, etc)?
    • Need your existing High Pressure Iron repaired?
    • Need your existing High Pressure Iron inspected, pressure tested & re-certified?

We’re not your common “Rope, Soap & Dope” Supply Store! HSC Odessa will take care of all your needs. Saving you valuable time and money running around to multiple vendors.

Formerly Coppinger Supply, we have been offering 24/7 on call service with the most reliable and dependable employees to the Permian Basin since 1966. At HSC Odessa we strive to deliver fast, courteous service and quality products at competitive prices.

We operate 2 mobile warehouse units covering all of West Texas.

If we don’t have it in our expansive inventory, we can get it.

Contact Information

Odessa Supply Store
6103 Andrews Hwy
Odessa, TX 79762
Store Manager – Shayne Starkey
Phone: (432) 367-8116
Fax: (432) 367-4163

Odessa Repair Center (ORC)
6201 Andrews Hwy
Odessa, TX 79762
Phone: (432) 362-1818
Fax: (432) 362-3118